I am a graduate in Economics and Business Management from University of Jerusalem. The nature of my studies, skills and work experience is mainly in business in several countries. Even though I have widely travelled, I chose Sri Lanka 14 years ago while the war was on and the economy was deteriorating. I had faith, compassion, vision and relentless enthusiasm for Sri Lanka. This was a very valuable asset for me to start a business in Sri Lanka while several foreign investors closed the businesses here. I have a keen interest in the development and practice of techniques to enhance personal, academic and social performances. Due to my natural interest in the field of human development through creating new opportunities, I chose to work in Sri Lanka. I am able to analyze and diagnose obstacles to grow the business in Sri Lanka.

Through my business endeavors, I have employed a large number of Sri Lankan men and women directly and indirectly. My companies are registered under Sri Lankan law and functioning in Colombo. I am in Sri Lanka for a considerable period of time in every year and this gives me the opportunity to assess the needs of the country and promote Israeli businesses in Sri Lanka. I have already introduced several Sri Lankan businesses to Israel and vice versa.

I am the first and the only one to have Israeli office in the Centre of Colombo. Israeli companies which need help and contacts in Sri Lanka reach me for assistance and I introduce them to the relevant departments or business partners. Israeli businesspersons and investors who need assistance in due diligence, opportunities, hand country situation contact me when I am in Israel and also when I am in Sri Lanka.